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December Lessons


Welcome to Your December Box Lessons & Story!

Below you will find videos and the Audio Story for this month.   With the holidays, we have time to explore new areas around our relatives' homes, or just see our own backyards in winter.     This month, we have a Wintercraft Skills Journal, a Leather Pouch Craft, a Wool Felting Skills Activity, A Forest Story called "The Magical Coal Burned Spoon" and your own Craft  Gear Box to keep them in your pack or your room!    

Enjoy, have fun, and remember that you can send us an email about your experiences or any questions at 

Forest Story Audio
The Magical Coal Burned Spoon

One of my very first nature crafts was making a spoon from a piece of sassafras from the woodpile during my first class in wilderness survival.  This story shares what it taught me and how those lessons help me every day.

The Magical Coal Burned Spoon Story Cover Art.png

Making a Leather Gear Pouch

This video shares how to work with soft deer skin, to make a small pouch for a compass or fire kit or tracking sticks!   We will use glover's needles, sinew, deer hide and leather lacing to make something that will last a long time, and get you started on your first leathercraft project.

The Art and Skill of Wool Felting

Emma shares everything you need to know to take your wool fibers in your craft kit, and make it into a strong felted bracelet with different colors.   She will show you how to use soapy water to thicken the fibers, and make it even too.   

This is the first step to learning how to felt a wool pouch, or a hat, or even a pair of socks!   It starts with this skill, and I'm excited to see how your bracelet turns out!

Crafting Skills Journal

The skills we learn making crafts and useful tools for our wilderness adventures help us later when we start to make the more complicated skills like moccasins, baskets, bows and arrows and other survival tools.

By keeping great notes, making detailed drawings and sketches, your skills will grow faster than you know!   This video will share how to use it and why it's awesome!

Cold Training:
Nature Skills Lesson 

Three stories about how we can learn to embrace the cold of winter, or heat of summer, or other extreme weather conditions.   This is a training that helps us let go of preconceived ideas of nature, and lets us connect with the real world like our ancient ancestors have for thousands of years.

Cold Training Ice Crack Story Cover Art.png
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