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April Lessons


Welcome to Your April
Forest Box Lessons & Story!

Below you will find videos and the Audio Story for this month.   We have a Bird Journal Introduction, a Pollinator Gardening Activity, a Bird Language and Observation Skills Activity (as an accompaniment to the Audubon Bird Call, which is our Forest Gear item this month!),  A Forest Story called "The Turkey Vulture Encounter", all here on this page.

Enjoy, have fun, and remember that you can send us an email about your experiences or any questions at 

Forest Story Audio
The Turkey Vulture Encounter

It's a bird that we see from hundreds of feet above us, soaring unsteadily on the breeze, searching for food to eat.   We mistake it for a hawk or eagle all the time.   Its nature's Undertaker, cleaning up the woods when something has died.    And yet most of us know almost nothing else about them!    Here is our story for the month, about these wild a crazy birds!   Be prepared to be amazed and get a much more personal side to the friendly Turkey Vulture! 

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Introduction to Bird Journaling

Learning about birds begins with the easiest birds to see that are all around us every day, and becoming a sort of 'profiler' of their looks, their song, their movements and nesting preferences, and that's all that journaling is!   It's the very fastest way I know to learn and most importantly, to remember what you learn for the rest of your life!    

Bird Language Skills Video

Ricardo breaks down some ways that you can learn about birds in your area, where you are able to observe certain things they do and what those things might mean.   It's a way to understand what birds are paying attention to in the woods that we as humans rarely understand or pay attention to, and this video can be your doorway into that new world!

Pollinator Gardening Activity

We can help pollinators by planting wildflowers that are food for them, making our yard or deck a beautiful resting spot for them to enjoy and get a little food to keep them going!    Bees, moths, wasps, hummingbirds and others will enjoy your efforts and you will be making a difference for plants all over your neighborhood too!

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