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November Lessons


Welcome to Your November Box Lessons & Story!

Below you will find videos and the Audio Story for this month.   It's a great month to get outside, see the changing leaves and season and learn some cool things about nature!    This month, we have a Tracking Journal, a Plaster Track Cast Skills Activity, two Tracking Skills Exercises, A Forest Story called "The Canyon Bear" all here on this page!

Enjoy, have fun, and remember that you can send us an email about your experiences or any questions at 

Forest Story Audio
The Canyon Bear

This story is about a tree, a storm of epic proportions, a special wilderness camp, and an important part of my own journey in training to become a naturalist and tracker.   Enjoy!

_The Canyon Bear Forest Story Cover Art.png

Ten Step &
'Follow the Leader'
Tracking Skills Activities

This video shares two ways to begin learning about tracking using tracking sticks, and your friends to help you understand 'compression tracking'.   It's a lot of fun and it only takes a few (5-10 times practicing them) and you will REALLY start to see a LOT more tracks all around you in nature!  This video will get you on your way!

Making Plaster Track Casts

This video shows you how to mix up plaster in your Forest Box kit and pour it to form track 'casts' that you can use to preserve and learn from the animal tracks you see in the earth around you.   It's super fun and easy and you will be amazed at how it feels to hold a 'track' in your hands and feel it with your fingers!

Tracking Journal

The tracking journal is an incredibly fast and powerful way to learn about animals and the tracks they leave around us, and this journal is an easy way to grow your skills of awareness and understanding of nature too.     Check it out, and let me know what you think of the crossword puzzle too!    Is it too hard?   

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