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March Lessons


Welcome to Your March Forest Box Lessons & Story!

Below you will find videos and the Audio Story for this month.   This time we have a Wilderness Survival Training Guide, a Fire Starting Skills Actvity, a Paracord Survival Bracelet Nature Craft, A Forest Story called "My Home in the Wild", all here on this page!

Enjoy, have fun, and remember that you can send us an email about your experiences or any questions at 

Forest Story Audio
My Home in the Wild

What is the best way to learn about how to make a safe warm home in the wild?    Why, from animals of course!    Here's a fun story that will help you learn from my adventures, and help you if you need to spend a night in the woods and you can't grow hair overnight!

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Survival Bracelets

Having a source of strong cord available when you are out in the bush is a great idea, and it can even save your life or someone you care about, so we made a video to show you how to make one yourself!   It's super easy once you try it, and your bracelet will look cool too.   You can even make a few for your friends or family!    And Grant is a fun guy to learn from, too!   Enjoy!

Fire Starting Skills

There are lots of different ways to make a fire, like matches (which get wet) or lighters (which are tricky to use) and other older techniques that take a lot of practice.   In this video I will demonstrate how to use a magnesium fire starter to make a quick fire that works every time, and doesn't mind getting wet!    We talk about tinder too, so check it out!

Wilderness Survival Skills Training

This video shares details about wilderness survival, and how to start learning about our basic needs so we will know what to do when we get lost in the woods or need to improvise in a tricky situation!    

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