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August Lessons


Welcome to Your August
Forest Box Lessons & Story!

Below you will find videos and the Audio Story for this month.   We have a Wild Edible Plants Nature Journal, a Berry Hook-Making Activity,  a Rawhide Pouch Making Craft ,  and A Forest Story called "Becoming Nocturnal", all here on this page.

Enjoy, have fun, and remember that you can send us an email about your experiences or any questions at 

Forest Story Audio
Becoming Nocturnal

This story is all about the time I spent over a month in the woods AT NIGHT!   I wanted to learn about the animals that roam around when the sun goes down, and to overcome my own fear of the dark, and these are the stories of my adventures!

Becoming Nocturnal Story Album Cover.png

Wild Edible Plants Nature Journal

Learning about birds begins with the easiest birds to see that are all around us every day, and becoming a sort of 'profiler' of their looks, their song, their movements and nesting preferences, and that's all that journaling is!   It's the very fastest way I know to learn and most importantly, to remember what you learn for the rest of your life!    

The Animal Tracking Box How-to Video

Ricardo breaks down some ways that you can learn about birds in your area, where you are able to observe certain things they do and what those things might mean.   It's a way to understand what birds are paying attention to in the woods that we as humans rarely understand or pay attention to, and this video can be your doorway into that new world!

Willow Bark Weaving Craft Activity

This is a video of a woman making a mat with palm fibers that is the exact technique that I use with willow bark!   It's super quick and will show you exactly how to begin to weave and how to finish the edges in the easiest way possible!   Check it out!

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