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February Lessons


Welcome to Your February Forest Box Lessons & Story!

Below you will find videos and the Audio Story for this month.    This time, we have a Forest Protector  Journal, a Willow Tongs Skills Actvity, a Coal Burned Bowl Nature Craft, A Forest Story called "Tales of the Forest Guardians"  all here on this page!

Enjoy, have fun, and remember that you can send us an email about your experiences or any questions at 

Forest Story Audio
Tales of the Forest Guardians

This month, we are sharing stories from the wild, about people who work hard to bring amazing skills and adventures to children and adults.   Becoming a Guardian begins with learning to recognize danger and also get training so they can help others if they are ever in need of support when far from health centers.    Sometimes, they help us heal from things that are not first aid issues, but from a broken heart, or those seeking to find their deeper purpose and passion.   Enjoy and share your reactions on our Facebook Group Page too!

Forest Guardian Album Cover.png

Willow Tongs Nature Craft

Making tongs from thin branches is very easy and they are VERY useful around the campfire when cooking, or using to get coals for coal burning, too.   This video will show you how to do it quickly and effectively, and it's fun to learn new knots and skills!   Then you can make larger/longer ones, too, once you know how!

Coal Burned Bowls

Using embers from the fire and your newly made willow tongs, you are going to slowly burn a depression in the wooden bowl blank you have in your kit!   It's fun and turns out awesome, and it will give you something fun and new to do around a campfire with your family!   Check out the video and learn how to do it quickly and easily.

Becoming a Forest Protector: 
First Aid & Safety Journal

This month's journal is all about learning to help yourself and your friends and family through hazard awareness and first aid training.   It's a great collection of skills to have that will change your life and the lives of anyone you help when they need it most.   It's also fun to check out your first aid kit and learn how to use it so you have it on your adventures out in the woods!

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